Weldplus introduces


Augmented Training Technology for Welding

  • Avoids physical risk
  • Reduces training costs
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Attracts youngsters to welding

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The Revolution in Welding Training!

The mission of SOLDAMATIC was to give the market a highly innovative solution, with great pedagogical value, extremely competitive in price, efficient, safe, sustainable and very flexible, in order to adapt to specific welding training centres and technical schools requirements in the 5 continents.

The Mission & Benefits of Soldamatic

Help governments, vocational and educational institutions train more welders, in less time, better qualified, cheaper, safer, reducing environmental impact and promoting female initiation to a traditionally male proffesion. Align training with industry requirements to increase possibilities of local labour work force to be useful for industries demanding high qualified workers that now in most of situations are being brought from foreign countries.


  • Avoids physical risk
  • Reducing training costs
  • Reduces enviorenmental impact
  • Promotes incorporation of women to welding
  • Attracts youngsters to welding

Introduction Video

Check this video to find out how our welding training model works and to discover its advantages over the traditional method.
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