Soldamatic – the integrated overall concept for YOUR welder training

The training of welders is facing a critical challenge: skill shortages and demographic change are the keywords that apply to the situation of this group of professional well-trained welders. The ever increasing requirements of the industry on the training colleges are met with the lack of interest of young people in this area of ​​training. As a result the aging of the workforce, loss of professional knowledge are presenting industry with a real long term threat to the competitiveness of the whole of the engineering industry, not only in Germany but on a global basis.

These areas of conflict and the technical demands on welder training are high: strict regulations (DIN 1090) correspond to ensure that the high requirements are actually met in the form of high quality welded joints along with the up keeping of high competence levels for the professional tradesman. Tasks that we must solve in the future!

This is where the development of SOLDAMATIC welding trainer system starts:

The new exercise concept of „augmented reality welding “!

This offers a groundbreaking platform to provide faster, more cost -effective and efficient theory and practice in the education of welders – the Soldamatic augmented training! Compared to conventional methods Soldamatic delivers industry enormous economic and environmental advantages as well as clear pedagogic advantages compared to conventional training methods.